Guide your Collection

VR & Real world exhibition guides

Might your visitors benefit from a friendly hello? When in-person guides are unavailable, Custorian guides are 15-30 second videos like those on TikTok, Snap and Instagram. Exhibition curators can place guides in any physical or virtual space. Anyone can contribute a guide, but only exhibition curators can choose which are seen by their audience. Guides in ‘Story’ format offers 4x higher user engagement than paper or web pages.

Invite storytellers into your collection

Developing exhibition content is expensive and time-consuming, so why not invite your favourite storytellers to create it? Any contributions are visible only after your approval. Crowd-sourcing content encourages audience participation, and Custorian offers a range of further incentivised methods to attract the most popular critics to your exhibitions.

Raise your in-gallery engagement

Hi, I’m Kevin the founder of Custorian and I’m here to help you raise engagement. Over the past year Custorian’s in-house VR production team have translated physical exhibitions into VR locations such as Decentraland, Somnium Space, Alt Space & VR Chat. We have full 3D Capture and 3D modelling capabilities and can help bring NFT collection’s to life with the help of our vibrant video production staff.